The Worry Tree…

The worry tree will help you to:

  • recognise what type of worry it is
  • turn worries into problems that can be solved
  • decide when it is safe to ‘let go’ of worries

There are two types of things not worth worrying about:

  • things that you can do something about
  • things you can not do something about

Use the worry tree plan to check out one of your worries.

If it is a worry that you cannot do anything about, you will know that is safe to stop worrying. You could distract yourself if you find this difficult to do.

If it is a worry that you can do something about, you can ‘problem solve’ it. You will not have to worry about it any more because you will have a plan. If the worry comes up again you can tell yourself that you have a plan so you need to worry.

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