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Category: Anxiety

Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale

The Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale (TMAS) is a test of anxiety as a personality trait. The link below directs you to a page in which you can inquire about your behavior […]

Study finds anxiety to help with memory…

A study from the University of Waterloo investigated whether anxious individuals, who adopted an inherently negative mindset, could demonstrate a particularly salient memory bias for words tainted by negative contexts. The study […]

Generalized Anxiety Disorder…

A chapter discussing and understanding generalized anxiety disoder (GAD). In doing so, the nature of human anxiety is disorder in addtion to the development of specific interventions for GAD. It […]


An interesting article exploring how mindfulness meditation may help alleviate depression and possibly anxiety. Before you have a read of the article, remember mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying […]

Potentially new antidepressant treatment…

Scientists at the University of Bath have developed a potential new antidepressant and antianxiety treatment with a unique mechanism of action. The newly developed compound, known as BU10119, works in a different […]

Anxiety: Causes and Management

This research paper reviews the causes, and the effective and safe therapy for anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders affect one-eighth of the total population worldwide, and have become a very important area […]

CBT change in the brain – anxiety disorders

A systematic review which aims to investigate neurobiological changes related to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in anxiety disorders detected through neuroimaging techniques and to identify predictors of response to treatment. Cognitive- […]