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Category: Did You Know

Did You Know… #56

Researchers have shown that schizophrenic symptoms can be caused by two different microbes, Toxoplasma gondii and cytomegalovirus (CMV). This is not to imply that all schizophrenia is microbe-induced, but it […]

Did You Know… #55

In recent years, discoveries have found that OCD symptoms can be caused by strep C throat infections. When children with strep throat became compulsive hand-washers, MRI scans showed their caudates […]

Did You Know… #54

Deep breathing is linked to positive emotion and the ability to manage anxiety (Borkovec & Sharpless, 2004). Reference: Borkovec, T.D., & Sharpless, B. (2004). Generalized anxiety disorder: Bringing cognitive-behavioral therapy […]

Did You Know… #53

Researchers (Young, Lareau, and Pierre) calculated that in the DSM-5 there are 270 million combinations of symptoms that would meet the criteria for both PTSD and major depressive disorder. Reference: G. Young, […]

Did You Know… #52

Olbert and colleagues (2014) reported considerable heterogeneity within the criteria of individual diagnoses, showing that in the majority of diagnoses in both DSM-IV-TR and DSM-5 (64% and 58.3% respectively), two people […]

Did You Know… #51

There is a stark difference between highly specific diagnostic criteria and those with more flexibility around symptom presentation. As a result, there are almost 24,000 possible symptom combinations for panic […]

Did You Know… #50

The type of voices people who suffer from schizophrenia are hearing depends on where they live. Clinical studies show that people who have auditory hallucinations in Africa and India describe […]

Did You Know… #49

Morrow at el., (2019) reckon at least 80% of communication is in observable non-verbal behaviour, particularly facio-manual gesturing. 

Did You Know… #47

Jones and Pulos (1993) looked at the process in thirty brief psychodynamic sessions and thirty-two sessions of CBT. They found that better outcome in CBT was not predicted by cognitiv […]

Did You Know… #45

In a randomised control trial – patients who rated their clinician as showing greater empathy had reduced common-cold severity and and duration, and increases in immune response levels.

Did You Know… #45

Suicide is the 14th leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for 1.5 per cent of all mortality and it is the leading cause of death among young and middle-aged men […]

Did You Know… #43

A study in 2014 from St. Michael’s Hospital and the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Science in Toronto indicated that women are more likely to seek out psychological counselling during a […]

Did You Know… #41

It was found that anxious clients rate situations as being more dangerous than control subjects do – even when given information that assured them about their safety. Reference: Arntz, Rauner […]

Did You Know… #40

A study found that people perceive hills to be less steep when they’re with other people or when they imagine a supportive significant other alongside them. Simone Schnall (2008)