Can probiotics fend off mood disorders?

A new study by University of Colorado Boulder researchers suggests that one particular beneficial bacteria can have long-lasting anti-inflammatory effects on the brain, making it more resilient to the physical and behavioral effects of stress. Mounting research suggests that stress-induced brain inflammation can boost risk of such disorders, in part by impacting mood-influencing neurotransmitters like... Continue Reading →

ELK-1 as a specific signalling module in depression…

In a study published by the Nature Medicine (link below), a team of scientists at McGill University and France’s Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM) examined the biological and molecular mechanisms at play in neurons during treatment with a classical antidepressant. The extracellular signal–regulated kinase (ERK) pathway is implicated in... Continue Reading →

Behavioral Activation found to benefit during TMS for Major Depressive Disorder

The integration of behavioral activation  therapy (a form of psychotherapy that supports environmental positive reinforcement for individuals through goal setting and the scheduling of positive reinforcement between-session activities) into Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been shown to be a feasible, well-tolerated, and has led to a significant reduction in the symptoms of major depressive disorder,... Continue Reading →

Brain abnormality associated with mental illness…

Researchers at Duke University have found an abnormality in visual regions of the brain being associated with an individual's general risk for mental illness. The findings (link below) indicate a signature abnormality shared between common forms of mental illness, which could help clinicians assess a patient’s general risk for developing a mental illness. The signature abnormality... Continue Reading →

Wise Words… #40

'I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine' - FRITZ PERLS

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