Whilst there is growing recognition of the impact of mental health disorders, a significant gap still exists to the extent to which individuals are supported. It is why we believe that action is to be taken to improve the likelihood that those exeperiencing mental ill health are supported. An action would provide opportunities for both improvements in population mental health, and for reducing the risk of those mental disorders that are associated with social and economic inequalities.

How this works:

  • First, Get In Touch* by sending us a brief synopsis of what support you feel you require and the barriers you are aiming to overcome. Please provide as much information as you can, as this will enable us to process your request efficiently.
  • Next, we will contact you to clarify your barriers and make sure we’re a suitable service for you. Once your suitability has been determined, we will design a personalised plan which we will support structure. If it is deemed that we are not a suitable service, we can help you identify suitable support.
  • Finally, we’ll schedule appointments** (via Telephone or Skype) 2-4 times per month either weekly or biweekly to overcome your barriers. You’ll have access to us via email so you’ll always have guidance and someone to bounce ideas off of when things come up.

*Your correspondence will be treated with strictest confidence.

**There will not be any face to face appointments unless absolutely necessary. When necessary, we are able to arrange this but the costs of this will be incurred by the client and not us unfortunately (details of which can be provided on request).