Values Questionnaire…

1. What people do I admire or consider role models in my life? 2. What are some common qualities of the people I admire? 3. What is one value that you would be willing to die for if you had to? 4. What are your top three roles in life (i.e. entrepreneur, student, husband, mother,... Continue Reading →

Wise Words… #51

"Thinking begins only when we have come to know that reason, glorified for centuries, is the most stiff-necked adversary of thought" ~ MARTIN HEIDEGGER.

Multiple Sclerosis Report…

The below mentioned report outlines recommendations on the diagnosis, therapeutic strategies and improving access to treatment in Multiple Sclerosis. The core recommendation pertains to the goal of treating MS should be based on the preservation of tissue in the central nervous system and maximizing lifelong brain health by reducing disease activity. The report also recommends and calls for major policy changes... Continue Reading →

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